Another month (and year) is right around the corner! That means I’m bringing you the latest (and last) in my Blog Post Ideas series. I can’t believe that this will complete the series – what an exciting thought! With that being said, let’s get to the ideas I’ve come up with for you for January.

January is a month of change and growth as people set out to achieve big goals. As you read through my ideas below, you’ll see that a lot of them are centered around New Year’s resolutions since that is a common focus for many during January. Don’t worry though – I’ve thrown in some other ideas as well!

You may have posted these at the end of December, but if you didn’t then January is the perfect time. What’s on your own goal list? Share it on your blog as inspiration for others and accountability for yourself!

Health & Fitness
I don’t have exact statistics to back it up but one of the most common goals people set for the New Year is to get their health or body back in shape. Something about the promise of a New Year brings excitement over making major changes in all areas of life. If you have any health & fitness related posts that you’ve been thinking to write, now might be the perfect time!

The holidays can be hard on the finances, even when you budget well. This leads to an increase in budget setting during the post-holiday season. People also use the New Year as an excuse to get their finances in order. Think about what you can offer on your blog to help them with this.

This one piggy backs off the previous two topics. People are likely to be eating at home more to help their health and budget. This makes it the perfect time to share your recipes or to do a recipe round up. People will be searching for new ideas to make putting dinner on the table more exciting.

January is one of the major months for winter weather. In some areas, this means just an extra layer of clothes, while in other areas, this means bundling up and waddling around in the snow like a penguin. Winter tends to bring more reasons to stay inside. There are so many directions you could go when focusing on winter.

Since the weather will be bringing people inside, why not use this month to write reviews of your favorite books and movies. Not into writing reviews? Then perhaps a top ten list or other book/movie related post would be a fit for your blog.

January brings us a small number of major holidays. However, there are always the unique holidays that make for great inspiration. Pull out your calendar and see what holidays and events you can use for inspiration.

As always, best of luck writing this month! Let me know what topics have made it onto your editorial calendar in the comments below and I’ll be sure to pop over and take a look at them throughout the month!

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