There’s something special about the end of the year and the way it causes us to reflect on our good and bad moments. In fact, I find the reflection part of goal setting to be the best part. It’s hard to know what to change and alter without reflecting on what you don’t like. That’s why I’m taking time this month to reflect on my blogging in 2016 and to realign my goals and vision for 2017. I thought I’d take a moment and share my process with you in case you’re interested in doing your own reflect and realign for 2017.


First off, you have to identify which area of your life needs some reflection and realignment. At this particular moment, I’m focusing on my blog specifically, but there are several other areas that I’ll be focusing on in the future. The questions and activities below are ones that you can use for any aspect of your life to reflect and realign your vision. While I am doing them as part of my process for preparing for the year ahead, you could easily reflect and realign at any point during the year!

Reflection Questions

What area of your life will you be focusing on right now?

Why do you want to realign this area of your life?

What has been working?

What has not been working?

What are your most common obstacles?

What are your mind blocks?

Realignment Activities

Create a vision board.

Identify how to overcome your obstacles and mind blocks.

Write down what’s working and keep doing it.

Set attainable short term goals.

Set realistic long term goals.

Enlist support.

These are just a few of the things you can do to reflect and realign a current part of your life. You can always hop over to our community for support and accountability. I will also be posting various worksheets and actionable steps from time to time to help keep you on track with your goals.

I’m taking a bit of a break to work on my layout, posting schedule, and so much more for 2017. Make sure you check out all of the new stuff in 2017!

What area of your life currently needs a little reflection and realignment?

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