If you received this week’s newsletter, then you’ll know that I’ve been busy decluttering and downsizing in our home. I can only assume that this is a part of the “nesting” phase of pregnancy. We have one month left until the expected arrival of our little one. In many ways, it feels like we’ve been waiting forever. In other ways, it feels like life has been full speed ahead for a while. Either way, I’m excited to see what 2017 and parenthood holds for us!

As I mentioned, I’ve been working on decluttering and organizing A LOT. I’ve taken donated probably 10 boxes of stuff since we moved in here and I know there’s still another box or two to fill. My most recent project has been the office which also doubles as our guest room. I’m extremely excited to have a room that I can use for working on the blog and other projects. (There’s some seriously cool things ahead in 2017!)

I’m hoping to finish up some of my decluttering and organizing this week so that I can relax focus on getting ahead before Baby Boy makes his arrival. I’ll be sharing my progress, tips, and other goodies in Hodge Podge Moments: The Community all week long. If you received the newsletter, then you’ll know that I’m inviting everyone in the group to join in on this mini-challenge known as a Purge Party. Since the group is free and easy to join, that means I’m inviting everyone to join in on the challenge to declutter your space! All you have to do is request to join the group!

Every week, we do our best to feature at least one post that stood out. Each host picks a post on their own and then features it on their blog. Some weeks, the choice is too hard and we end up featuring more than one post. Let’s see who made the spotlight this week!

This week, it was super easy to pick a post. I very recently asked in the Facebook group if anyone had a cleaning schedule that they used and loved. Little did I know that one had been linked up at Bloggy Brunch! (Note to self – check the posts sooner!) This week I’m featuring a post from Trendy & Tidy on keeping up with your house. I highly recommend heading over to her blog and checking out the post. There’s easy to follow steps and even a printable or two that you can snag!

And now…it’s time to link up below!