Monday is here, which means it’s time for our first guest on Moments that Matter. The stories and posts are starting to come in and I can’t tell you how excited I am about sharing them! Every Monday, an amazing woman is sharing a truly personal story with you right here on the blog. Today is no exception – Jordan’s post is a great story about embracing life and sharing what you love. In fact, her last line is perfect!

Since I was old enough to type on a computer, I have loved writing. When I was a preteen, I wrote these grand scripts out with the intention of having my friends in my neighborhood playing the roles and filming movies. I would spend days developing a unique back story for each character and months giving flesh to the scripts. That being said, I never showed my scripts to any of my friends.

I always kept my writing a secret. There wasn’t anything wrong with my writing, I knew that I had the basics of spelling and grammar down. However, I never wanted to bare my soul to the world. It was like a secret escape of mine that I only did when everyone else was asleep. My secret dream was to one day become a writer, but absolutely no one knew that.

In college, I used a secret blog hidden in the depths of the internet to post my written thoughts for the first time ever. I knew that no one would find my blog and even if someone did, they wouldn’t know that it was me writing it. I kept the secret blog up and running silently for almost two years. Then, college life needed my full attention and I stopped putting my writings online altogether.

However, life has a way of making your hopes and dreams find you again, even in the darkest of times. I was interning for a well-known company in Orlando, Florida. It was my last day before I headed home to Seattle for the summer. There was a mass shooting at very close to where I was living at the time. I remember waking up to the news and banging on my roommate’s door to make sure she had made it home safely the night prior. While I was at the airport that day, all I could find myself doing was checking the City of Orlando’s website to see if anyone I personally knew fell victim to the shooter’s gun.

The moment I landed in Seattle, I realized that I had to make some changes to my life. All of these people thought that they were going to make it home to their families that night. I stopped pushing things that I wanted to do off. I took a small day job and started a blog. I showed everyone I knew my stories and posts. It was time to pursue my dream of becoming a writer and sharing my stories with the world.

Now, I blog and ghost write full-time. I make it a point to volunteer with local youth and in hospitals in my spare time. I popped my shyness bubble and became so much more transparent with my words and actions. I took my life that was going in a completely different and “regular” direction and put my dreams and what I wanted my life to look like first.

And all of this happened because I realized that life is simply too short to not be doing something that I loved wholeheartedly.

About the Author
Jordan Nunamaker is a motivational lifestyle blogger and virtual assistant. Her lifestyle blog, Becoming Jordan, focuses on inspiring young adults to live their best lives every day healthily and happily. Follow her on Twitter for updates on her blog, her life, and more.