If you’re looking for an inspiring story, then you’ve come to the right place. This week’s Moments that Matter post is a great reminder that even our difficult moments should be cherished for what they teach us. This week, I have Kristie of CEO Mom joining us with an incredibly raw story. 

She came into the world without a sound, but now I can’t get her to stop talking. My daughter, my first born, is my shining light. When she was born, I was nineteen, hadn’t finished college, and involved with a man who didn’t know or care about my worth. When she looked at me with her gorgeous, brown eyes, I knew I wanted to be better and give her better.

Her father, my fiancé at the time, was very distant when she was born. We barely spoke and many nights, he was not home. Needless to say, there were a lot of moments that I would cry and wonder what the problem was with me. “It had to be something I did, or said,” I would tell myself.

Then came the turning point. It was his birthday, but my daughter had a doctor’s appointment that day. She was six months old. He drove us to the doctor around 9am because her appointment was at 9:30 that morning. When we arrived, I checked her in and we sat in the lobby area. I remember him looking over at me and saying, “It’s not fair I have to be here on my birthday, I’m going somewhere and I’ll be back later.” At that time, I didn’t have my own cellphone or a car. When he left, I thought he’d be back in an hour or two at the most. I was sitting at the office door at almost 6pm when he returned. My daughter had run out of formula and diapers. I was an emotional mess and all he said to me was, “Are you ready to go?”

It was a real life decision-making moment in my life.

I could have stayed, let my life continue down a inevitable destructive path. But I didn’t.

I thought about my daughter, my shining light, and decided this was not the life either of us deserved.

I appreciate that moment, even though it was a very difficult one to endure. But it taught me three things:

I am worthy of love.

Life does not end after a relationship does.

My children are my most precious priority.

If it were not for this moment, I am not sure where I would be. I have grown so much as a woman, as a mother, and as a person. My life has not been perfect, I faced many challenges, but I overcame them and have so much to be grateful for because of it.

About the Author

Kristie is a work at home mom of three amazing kiddos and wife to a gaming nerd from Okinawa. She loves all things pink and sparkly. She is a social media strategist and blogs at theofficialceomom.com and themomlifechronicles.com.  Feel free to stalk her on Twitter @ceomomblogs!