February 2017 is certainly a month that I’ll always remember. It’s the month that made me a mother. As a result, this month’s reflection is also focused more on adjusting to motherhood than on blogging. I’m happy to say that I did continue to blog even amidst all the life adjustments that come with having a baby.

This month (March) will be slow as I continue to adjust but I do plan to continue blogging – just at a slower pace. I don’t have posts prepared for March like I did for February. Plus, I’m working on a big project that I’ll be unveiling mid March in preparation for an April launch.

What was your focus in February?
My focus in February was family. I set a goal of essentirely taking the month off to enjoy my growing family. I’m so glad that I did – newborns take up a lot of time and are very unpredictable. In case you missed it, Baby Boy (whom I’m going to refer to as Little Fox on the blog) was born on February 5. I won’t got into too much detail because I intend to share the entire birth story with you later this month.

What did you accomplish in blogging/business in February?
1. I casually completed the #LoveBlog challenge on The Coastie Couple. It was a great exercise in keeping up with something when life is busy.
2. I started working on the details for Little Learning Moments, a project that will provide parents with resources to help their child with learning.

What did you accomplish in your personal life in February?
1. I gave birth to a baby boy.
2. With the help of my mom, I finished putting the house together.

What was something you changed in February?
I changed a mountain of dirty diapers. I also worked on changing my mindset – babies make life unpredictable which means I can’t count on having time to get posts done like in the past. (That being said, March may look a little different on the blog as I adjust to motherhood.)

How did you show yourself love in February?
I made sure to take advantage of having extra help at home. I also took a shower everyday as a form of self care. I know those could become more rare when my help (mom) goes home. After all, I do a lot of days alone due to the husband’s schedule.

What will be your focus in March?
My focus in March will be adjusting to motherhood. Our many guests will slowly be filing out and it’ll just be us. So, it’ll be the time to settle into a new normal.