Today marks four years since I started blogging. That’s a huge accomplishment! It’s also one that I forgot. Somehow June 1 snuck up on me and I completely forgot about the anniversary of Hodge Podge Moments. Normally I spend the whole month celebrating. Luckily, this means I will be bringing you some fun stuff later this month! Until then, I have a small apology letter for my beloved blog.

Dear Blog,

I have a confession to make – I forgot your birthday.

What can I say? Life has been crazy since Baby Fox arrived. He’s basically taken center stage in my life. You’re still a huge part of my life as well but he’s just a tad bit more demanding. After all, I’ve yet to hear you cry and scream when you want attention. To top it off, we’re trying to figure out what is upsetting our little fox’s body lately so May has been filled with doctors visits and discussions of poop.

I haven’t forgotten about you – I have a long list of blog posts to write when I have the time. In fact, I probably should be writing one right now but I saw in my Facebook history that today was your birthday and I felt that I owed you a tiny apology. Maybe this month will be the one that I master time management as a mom. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m kind of terrible at the whole time management thing right now.

Now that the apology is out of the way, it’s time to celebrate. Happy happy birthday to you! You’re FOUR YEARS old today. I almost can’t believe that number as I look at it. When we started our blogging journey together, I never thought I’d make the commitment and stick with it. Four years ago, I would have told you that blogging was a passing hobby. And yet, here I am – still writing and interacting with others four years later.

Seeing how I forgot your birthday, I don’t really have a celebration planned at the moment. I’m going to make it up to you later this month though. After all, birthday celebrations are meant to last an entire month, right?

I’ve got lots more on my to do list and I truly am trying to master the whole time management thing so I’m going to bid you farewell for now. Once again, happy birthday! I can’t believe you’re four years old!

(The Blogger Behind the Blog)