The best place to get product recommendations is from our friends. I want this blog and the online community to feel like a fun chat with an old friend. So, each month, I’m going to be sharing some of my current favorites. I’d love to hear what makes your list, so make sure you leave a comment to keep the conversation going!

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June has been a bit of a crazy month around here. Baby Fox hit four months and with that came a definite sleep regression. I’d read about this milestone, but I didn’t fully grasp how much it would affect us. We also went to the pediatrician several times in hopes of finding out what has his tummy all upset. We didn’t get many answers, but we have cut dairy and soy from our diets and that seems to be helping. We’ve been getting out more and Baby Fox is doing great with it unless he’s tired. When he’s tired, he tends to get quite grumpy and needy. Otherwise, we’ve been blessed with a pretty happy baby. My favorites from June are a bit all over the place because that’s how life has been lately.


I’m currently in the midst of reading Boss Mom by Dana Malstaff. I’ve had this one in my Kindle carousel for a long time. For some reason, I just hadn’t felt the drive to read the book until recently. I’m halfway through and I’m wishing I had started the book back in February. There are so many things that I can relate to as I read this book. It’s definitely encouraging me to reevaluate my mindset so that I can be a better mom and pursue my own business.


I was so excited when I saw that Beauty and the Beast was coming to DVD. It came to theaters shortly after Baby Fox was born and I didn’t think anyone would enjoy a baby crying in the middle of it. (I have found a new way for us to catch new releases though – the drive in!) We recently rented the movie from Redbox and then turned around and bought our own copy because it was so well done. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend checking it out!



I feel like “Fireflies” by Owl City is on repeat in our house right now. While Baby Fox was a newborn, the husband would use this song to help soothe him before bed. It worked so well that we’ve incorporated it into our nap and bedtime routines. It’s a good thing I like this song…


I love breastfeeding but I didn’t realize how much it would dictate my wardrobe as a mom. When I’m getting dressed, I’m constantly asking the question “Can I get to my boob in this outfit?” because at some point, Baby Fox is going to get hungry and I don’t really want to undress to fulfill that need. I’ve found that tank tops are the perfect top right now. They can be layered and if they’re stretchy enough, they can be pulled aside easily.


Beauty routine? Who has time for that? I make sure I get a shower everyday (hello self care) but I don’t really have much of a beauty routine right now. I am enjoying my St. Ives Green Tea scrub at the moment though. It leaves my face feeling clean and smooth.



I’m currently loving the Elephant Security Blanket (similar) that we have for Baby Fox. I’m not sure how he ended up with so many elephant toys but he certainly seems to enjoy them. This particular one takes naps and travels with him. He loves talking to it and trying to eat its trunk.



Since we went dairy and soy free, we’ve been experimenting with a lot of recipes. Soy is in practically everything packaged so we’re doing a lot of home cooking from fresh ingredients. One of the things I’m enjoying the most is experimenting with bread making. Most of the ones in the store has dairy and soy in them even though it’s not necessary for yummy bread. I don’t have a favorite recipe just yet but I’m sure I will in the near future! (Feel free to share your favorite bread recipe with me if you have one! I’d love to give it a try.)


My favorite activity right now is playing with Baby Fox – especially when he’s in a good mood. He loves exploring new things and is starting to enjoy story time. I love watching him grow and seeing the new things he masters as he gets older.


My favorite moment from the past month would be our trip to the zoo. While we were there, this penguin came right up to the glass to say hi to Baby Fox. We thought it was just coincidence until the zookeeper told us that this particular penguin loved visiting the little ones that came to the zoo. It was such a cute moment and I’m glad I captured it in a picture!

What were your favorite products and moments from June? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!