This week’s Friday Favorites is coming to you a day late. Yesterday was “one of those days” where bad news piled on top of 30 minute naps and I eventually called it an early night. I wanted to get this post up but the universe seemed to have different plans. Today’s a little better – at least in the nap department anyways.

*Affiliate links are used in this post and I do make a portion of the sale. I only share products that I’m truly passionate about.*

Today, I’m going to take a few moments to feature one of my favorite businesses – Shield Sisters Initiative. This company is led by Raewyn, a fellow blogger who has become a great friend of mine. We are constantly talking and bouncing ideas off of each other. That’s how I found out about the company but that’s not why I love the company. I love the company because it’s all about sisterhood, self love, and owning who you are as an individual.

Shield Sisters has a lot to offer so I’m going to share a lot of pictures and keep the text somewhat minimal so that you can check out the items that appeal to you the most. I guarantee there’s something for everyone – including those of us with no money left in our pocket! That’s right – I’m going to be sharing a few free things as well.

Shield Sister Sanctuary

This is a free community on Facebook that is constantly growing. It’s the perfect place to go for support, ideas, and sisterhood. In fact, I posted pictures in the community this morning to get a little feedback on which ones to use in this post. I had three responses in ten minutes. I truly do love the sisterhood and feeling of security that comes with this group. There’s also a monthly goal planning session with check ins and a book club that is being revamped. I do help with both of these activities and love every second of it.

Uplevel Your Sisterhood

The sanctuary is great and you’ll hear me rave about it all day long. However, Raewyn has something new up her sleeve that is being launched in September and she gave me permission to share it with you before it’s fully revealed to the public!

Uplevel Your Sisterhood is a group program that will take the sisterhood from the sanctuary to a whole new level. The will be monthly lessons, daily support, lots of goodies, and even a discount on other products. This is essentially going to be the go to place for sisterhood and support! And the best part? The monthly dues are extremely reasonable! We’re talking give up one time of eating out reasonable! Come find your new biz best friend in Uplevel Your Sisterhood!

She’s even offering a super duper special right now that allows you to purchase an entire year membership at a discounted rate! You can snatch up that deal right here before it disappears!


I’ in love with the products that Raewyn has in the Shield Sisters shop. She’s constantly adding new designs. Today, I’m going to feature a few pictures of my favorite designs, but I encourage you to check out the shop to see the full range of products!

This mug describes how inspiration happens for me. It never happens at a “normal hour” when I can work and get things done. Instead, I always get inspired in the middle of the night when I’m up nursing Baby Fox. I probably should learn to harness the power of those moments more. Sleep tends to win out right now though.

This onesie is probably my favorite item in the whole store! Raewyn sent it to Baby Fox as a gift around the time he turned six months old and I’m simply in love with it. It’s so perfect for work at home moms. He truly is my little intern, always nearby when I’m working.

It’s a bit difficult getting good pictures of an intern this small. He tends to prefer action over posing! He’s a few shots of him actually wearing the onesie though.
Shield Sisterhood Summit
I can’t wait for September 25-27 when Raewyn will be hosting her first online summit! This promises to be a fun-filled time with lots of information. She has 13 different hosts lined up for interviews and live office hours! Talk about value! You can get more information and sign up for this free event by clicking here.
Other Goodies
Remember when I said that Shield Sisters Initiative has a ton to offer? I wasn’t joking. I’ve shared a few of the things I love the most but below you’ll find even more great things! Who knows? One of these might become your new favorite thing!
Looking to take your self care to the next level? This is the course for you!
Are you distracted? Are you looking to be more productive? Check out From Distracted to Inspired and Productive. This course was first offered as a free challenge in July and it got rave reviews! I had a lot of fun collaborating with Raewyn for this course!
With all the things that Shield Sisters Initiative has to offer, I’m sure I missed something so you’ll just have to head on over to the website in case I did. Hopefully I see you in the Sanctuary soon!
(P.S. Tell Raewyn that I sent you!)