In the spirit of keeping things simple this month, I’m going to be keeping my birthday celebration just as simple as the rest of the month. I thought I’d share some of the fun this week on the blog. My actual birthday is tomorrow but we’re going to start the festivities with fifteen ideas for keeping a birthday fun without gifts.

I’m not sharing the details of my own celebration just yet. That post will be going up tomorrow on my actual birthday. Below, you’ll find fifteen ideas for celebrating a birthday. Many of these I have used over the years to celebrate my own birthday. (I’m a big fan of keeping gifts minimal and/or purposeful. Who needs more stuff?)

1. Make your favorite treat.
2. Indulge in a bubble bath.
3. Go to your favorite restaurant.
4. Plan a special trip.
5. Get a pedicure.
6. Book a photo shoot.
7. Have a drink with a friend.
8. Treat yourself to a new outfit.
9. Get all dressed up for the day.
10. Give back to others.
11. Throw a party.
12. Do something you love.
13. Try something new.
14. Cuddle up with someone special.
15. Make a bucket list to complete before your next birthday.

What’s your favorite way to celebrate your birthday? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!