Working out used to be a regular part of my week. Most days, I would get in one workout, if not two workouts. For me, it was a way to relieve stress while also keeping my body strong and healthy. Then, Baby Fox was born and my workouts consist of lifting and dancing with the baby. I would love to get back to regular workouts, which is why I’m including them in my morning routine series.

I know that I won’t have time to get a full workout in before the baby wakes up. My hope is that I can get a short workout in (10-15 minutes) and eventually build up from there. Baby Fox continues to gain independent play skills, so I know one day I’ll have more time to accomplish things even while he’s awake. For now, my best times to do things is while he’s sleeping. I’ve been exploring practical workouts for my morning routine and will be sharing my thoughts below. I’ll be sharing some of the resources I’ve found in future installments of this series.

Yoga is at the top of my list for possible morning workouts. It can easily be adapted to fit different schedules and is relatively low key. I also like that it’s calm and easy on my lungs. Since it’s been a while since I worked out, this is something that’s important for my body.

I like the idea of including a walk in my morning. This could be a good option for those mornings when I don’t get a workout in while Baby Fox is sleeping. He loves going on walks, so this would be a great way to workout with him.

10 Minute Workouts
I’ve always been a fan of finding ten minutes here or there to squeeze in a workout. I’m not entirely sure how doable this one is right now but I could probably pull it off at the beginning of a nap. (Assuming this current sleep regression doesn’t last forever…)

Fitness App
I love the idea of a guided workout that you can do anywhere. When it comes to working out, I sometimes have issues figuring out where to start and what to do once I get started. There are several apps out there that tell you what to do, which would help alleviate this problem.

YouTube Videos
Remember when I said that I have a hard time figuring out what to do? This is the biggest reason that I love workout videos that show you what to do. YouTube is a great resource for finding free videos. You can find videos that fit exactly what you’re looking for in length, difficulty, and exercise type.

The gym is currently not a viable option for me. Our closest gym is quite the little drive, I have no sitter, and I’m not looking to pay for workout classes right now. However, I included the gym on this list because it may be an option that works for you and I didn’t want to discredit it as a good option for those that are trying to fit a workout into their morning routine. Remember – it’s all about finding what works best for you!

Do you have a workout or resource that you love? Let me check it out by sharing in the comments below!