This month, I’m focused on simplifying everything around me for the Write 31 Days challenge. Things have been hectic and chaotic since Baby Fox was born and I’m hoping systems and routines will help me feel more balanced. Today’s post about goals will reflect some of the items I’m hoping to simplify. After all, setting goals is an important part of moving forward.

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This month, I’m focused on one major thing: simplifying life. I’m tired of feeling like I’m always behind and would love to find a bit more balance as a mom. Since Baby Fox was born, balance seems to be a fleeting thing that comes and goes randomly. I would like for it to be a concept that sticks around. I’ve shared my word of the month and the goals connected to it below. I’m not elaborating on these goals right now because I’ll be blogging about all of them this month and I don’t want to bore you.

Word of the Month:


1. Declutter and organize the house one room at a time.

2. Set up a morning routine using suggestions from The Miracle Morning for Parents and Families.

3. Continue establishing a solid evening routine that includes picking up the house.

4. Create a system for household chores.

5. Create a system of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks for blogging.

6. Create a system of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks for business.

7. Organize our important papers.

8. Declutter my email.

9. Remove myself from non-essential Facebook groups.

10. Create a scheduling system that works for the entire family.

I’m looking forward to blogging about my progress towards these goals this month. I’ve already completed one room in the house (our bedroom) and I’ll be sharing pictures and talking about my process for decluttering tomorrow on the blog!

I’d love to know – what goals made your list for October? Share them in the comments below or link them up if you’ve published them on your blog!