Since the holidays are right around the corner, I thought it’d be fun to do a little count down! I debated doing a small holiday series, but ended up settling on the twelve days of self care instead. From now until Christmas Eve, stop by for a unique holiday countdown! Today, we’re starting with twelve because there are twelve days left until it’s time to celebrate with family and friends.

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Today, I’m featuring my favorite self care items to have on hand. You never know when you might need a little extra love, so it’s always a good idea to have a few special items hanging around for those special occasions. I like to think of it as my self care toolkit.

Deep Conditioner
I recently have fallen in love with this hair conditioner from Hask. It’s less than $2 a packet and each packet lasts me a few showers. Deep conditioner is great because it’s an occasional item, which makes it feel like a special kind of shower. This particular mask smells really nice and leaves my hair feeling super soft.

I love turning off all of the lights and reading or writing by the glow of a candle. There’s something relaxing about the soft glow that a candle lets off. If candles aren’t your thing, you could achieve the same effect with a string of lights or a lantern.

Epsom salts
Prior to becoming a mom, I was a big fan of weekly Epsom salt baths to relax and rejuvenate. Now, I try to squeeze them in when I can. I still enjoy a good long soak in the bath, but time is a tad bit more limited than before.  I do still keep a supply of Epsom salts around for those special moments when I have the time for a long soak.

Face mask
Just like a deep conditioner is an occasional beauty product, so is a good face mask. I love having these around for a quick form of self care. You can put the face mask on while you do somethin else, which makes it a perfect form of self care for anyone with a busy lifestyle.

I wish I could say that I use lotion regularly, but I don’t. I do use it after shaving or when I want something a little extra. There’s something nice about adding an extra touch after a bath with something smooth. I’m currently loving any lotion by Nivea.

Body scrub
I haven’t made up a body scrub in a while, but it’s typically an item I keep in the shower for a little pampering every night. You can buy a body scrub, but I prefer to make my own from coconut oil, sugar, and an essential oil of choice.

Essential oils
There are so many different ways that you can use essential oils for self care. In fact, I could write an entire post about the many options out there. I like to keep some of my favorites around for diffusing and making my own beauty products. If you need a place to buy oils, please let me know and I’ll put you in touch with someone!

Cute mug or glass
I love to enjoy a glass of wine or tea as a part of my self care routine. Something cute to hold the liquid always puts a smile on my face. You can even pop over to Instagram and see a few of my favorite mugs that I’ve shared recently.

I love writing things down. Sometimes it’s in the form of a to do list. Other times it’s a letter to myself. And then there are those times where I just let my hand write down anything my mind is thinking. I find that it helps clear the mental clutter when I take it out of my head and put it onto paper. For this reason, I like to keep a journal handy.

Colorful pens
Remember when I said I like to clear the mental clutter by writing things down? Having a journal handy is helpful, but it’s hard to write without a pen (or other writing utensil). I like to keep a few colorful pens nearby for those journaling moments. I find it adds a bit of fun if I use different colors.

Cozy blanket
It’s winter so cozy blanket is definitely high on my list. Sleep is an essential form of self care and a blanket can certainly help you achieve more peaceful sleep. Plus, a blanket is always good for curling up on the couch during a good movie.

Fuzzy socks
I’ m rounding out today’s list with my favorite winter item. I love wearing fuzzy socks for a variety of reasons, including to keep my feet wrong. I especially like my aloe infused socks when I’m looking for something just a bit nicer.

What items would you put in your self care kit? Are there any key items that I missed? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!