The twelve days of self care is a countdown to the holidays that are quickly approaching. Since one of those holidays is New Years Eve, when we raise our glasses to a new year, I thought I would dedicate a day to raising a glass to self care. Because after all, don’t you deserve a special toast of your own?

Let’s start today’s post by talking about what I mean by “raising a glass to self care.” Essentially, it’s raising a glass to yourself – giving  yourself a well deserved toast of your own. The drink can come in many varieties and definitely doesn’t have to be the classic alcohol that’s used in toasting big milestones. That being said, the term “toast” is also used as a symbol of treating yourself rather than a legit toast. However, if you’d like to say a toast and drink to it, be my guest! There’s no judgement around here.

Now the question that remains is when should you raise a glass to self care?

You can incorporate your favorite drink into your daily self care routines in a variety of ways. I like to have a cup of coffee in the morning to help get me going. It’s also a form of self care for me since I pick out a favorite mug and sip my coffee slowly (or attempt to…many times it ends up a cold mess because Baby Fox needs my attention).

Another way I include a drink in my daily routines is to have a cup of chamomile tea (or occasionally red wine) as I’m reading before bed. This helps me wind down for the night and signals to my body that it’s time for bed.

There’s another big drink that should be included into your day-to-day routine. In fact, it’s so important that it’s always recommended when people are talking about your overall health. It’s clear and odorless and has many uses. Have you guessed it yet? I’m talking about water, which our body needs to stay hydration and healthy. I could offer up a lot of tips for including this one in your day, but I’m going to keep it short and simple in this post and say that I recommend keeping water near you all day long.

Pick Me Up
Including drinks in your daily routine is a great way to keep up with your self care each and every day. However, sometimes you need an extra pick me up during the day. A simple cup of your favorite coffee, tea, or other drink (hot chocolate anyone?) can help improve your mood and put a smile on your face (and a pep in your step if there’s caffeine involved). I like to use pick-me-up cups sparingly so that they maintain their power. My pick-me-up cups are usually the ones where I splurge a little and buy a fancy cup of something at my favorite coffee shop (which varies depending on our current location). What’s your favorite drink for a pick-me-up?

With Friends
I know self care is often thought of as a solitary activity, but it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes the best form of self care is actually an outing with your best friends. A simple happy hour can go a long way in improving your mood – especially if there’s smiles and laughter to go along with it. Grabbing a drink with friends may be outside of the typical self care box, but it’s definitely an option I recommend when it comes to cheering yourself up a little.

With Caution
I’ve shared how I love using drinks (of all shapes and sizes) to treat myself to a little self care. I want to end this post with a warning – use them with caution, especially ones with alcohol in them. While there are some that you can use daily (your water intake), others are best saved for special pick-me-ups or they lose their “power” as I’d like to think of it. So, proceed with caution and use them when you really need that awesome pick-me-up that will bring a smile back to your face.

Do you ever raise a glass to self care? I’d love to hear about your drink of choice in the comments below!