Personal self care can make a big difference in our overall happiness. There are a few thing that I try to do each and every day to make sure that I’m minimizing the stress that is present in my life. I’ve reflected on these items and compiled a list of seven things that I think you should do every day.

Negative stress can wreck havoc on our bodies and happiness. This can be changed by doing simple things each and every day to help minimize unnecessary stress. I’ve compiled a list of seven things you should do every day to keep the stress monster away.

Be clean.
Hygiene is an important part of health. It can include (but isn’t limited to) a shower, brushing your teeth, washing your hand, and a variety of other tasks that will keep your body healthy and happy.

Eat healthy.
Eating healthy is all the buzz lately – except it’s not really a temporary buzz. The food we put into our bodies affects our overall health in many different ways. Therefore, it’s important to be careful with our food choices.

Get moving.
Nutrition isn’t the only thing important for a healthy body. Getting up and moving every day will also lead to a healthier body. I try to get up and move each and every day – even when I don’t have time for a full blown workout.

Take breaks.
We live in a busy world where people are often go, go, go. This constant race to get more done can lead to burn out and overwhelm, which creates a lot of stress for most people. I try to take breaks from time to time to help my mind calm down from constantly being turned on.

Prepare for tomorrow.
One of the things I do each night that makes a big difference is preparing for the next day. I pick up the house and gather things that I may need for the next day. I like waking up to a house that is straightened and ready for a new day with new messes. A clean slate allows for a calmer start to my day.

Some people write in a journal when they reflect on their day. As much as I would love to do this, I often don’t have the time to write things down. Instead, I mentally reflect on my day and try to find at least one happy moment that I can focus on. There is a little bit of happy to be found in each and every day.

Love yourself.
Self love is an important part of happiness. There are many ways you can incorporate this into your daily routine. I’m a strong believer in taking a few moments each and every day to show yourself some love.

What are the things that you try to do each and every day?