The new year often brings about change and a renewed outlook on things. This year is no exception. I briefly touched on the changes I’m making to my blog during my goals post, but I wanted to go into a bit more depth in this post. I also wanted to share the reasons behind these changes and how they’ll improve things for my readers.

There are five major ways that I’ll be improving my website this year. Many of these are not immediate changes and will take time, money, or both before they can be completed. There may be some hiccups along the way but I’m extremely excited about the direction I have planned for my blog.
Improved Graphics and Branding
The first and most immediate change that I’ll be making is to my branding and graphics. I’ve always tried to keep them coherent and consistent across the blog. This means I create templates and banners that match and can be used and modified for different posts. I’ve already made some changes to my graphics and I’m currently loving the new layout.  
Moving from Blogger to WordPress
I originally started out on Blogger because it was an easy to use platform that was free. When I started my blog, I saw it as a temporary hobby that wouldn’t be sticking around for the long term. Since then, I have grown my blog and it has become a major part of my life. This year, I have major goals for monetizing and growing even more and I feel like I need a different platform in order to make this happen. So, I’ll officially be moving from Blogger over to WordPress. I have to admit – I’m excited and nervous about this big change. 
Quality over Quantity
Quality posts has always been a big goal of mine. In the past, I’ve posted many times throughout the week because my schedule allowed for it. With a little one in the house, I’ve found that I don’t have the same amount of time. I’ve been trying to keep up with my usual posting schedule and it just isn’t working. So, I’ll be posting less, but they’ll be posts of quality, which is what truly matters.
More Storytelling
I’m not sure when, but somewhere in the past four years, I found myself writing how to articles rather than truly lifestyle posts. This year, I’ll be getting back to storytelling on the blog and you’ll see more personal stories and how I make things work in my own life. As a result, there will be more mommy posts on the blog than in the past. Being a mom is an important part of who I am and while I don’t consider myself a mommy blogger, I do consider myself a mommy and a lifestyle blogger and those two worlds do meet up often. 
Improving Layout and Navigation
I mentioned above that I’ll be improving my branding and graphics. With this, I’ll also be improving my layout and the navigation of the site. You can expect to see new categories, a simpler layout, and less clutter overall. I’ve slowly been making improvements, but I plan to make even more as the year progresses!
I’m excited for the year ahead and have big hopes for the things I have planned. I do hope you’ll continue to follow and support me as I make these improvements for the blog and my readers.
What changes are you making in the new year?