The new year is finally here! I’m really excited about 2018 and the things on my goals list. I don’t believe in setting resolutions because they’re much too broad for my liking. However, I’m a big fan of setting goals and this year I’m putting things in place to help remind myself of my goals through the year.

I’m going to keep this post pretty simple with my goals for the new year. I thought about doing a review of last year’s goals but it seemed a bit pointless since my direction changed drastically after Baby Fox was born. I didn’t realize it at the time but my goals for 2017 were a bit unrealistic with a new baby in the house.

This year, I’m focused on setting simple, realistic goals that I can work on throughout the year. As a result, some of these goals a lot less specific than I normally set. I’ve divided them up by area of live and kept to four in each category. I figure that there are four quarters in a year, so four goals per section seems doable.

1. Increase pageviews to 10,000 a month.
2. Make $1000 a month by the end of 2018.
3. Switch to WordPress and improve branding.
4. Write a book about simple living.

1. Take a family photo each month.
2. Send birthday cards to long distance family members.
3. Do something new together every month.
4. Super secret goal.

Self Care
1. Return to reading a chapter a night. (No new books until I finish the ones I have. #bookoverlaod)
2. Take one night a week for a detox bath or spa shower.
3. Get dressed everyday. (Staying at home means I spend a lot of time in pajamas, which isn’t very motivation.)
4. Take a “me day” every month. (Give my husband one in return.)

1. Implement a daily workout plan.
2. Drink more water.
3. Have a cup of green tea each day.
4. Return to healthy eating habits.

1. Declutter and organize with the Room by Room Challenge.
2. Decorate the breezeway.
3. Get a new entertainment center.
4. Find a toy solution for Baby Fox’s room.

There you go – my simple and attainable goals for 2018! I’m planning to post them all over to help remind me of the goals I set. In addition to this, I plan to check back in each and every month to review the progress I’ve made towards my goals. I hope to share some of these goal updates with you here on the blog.

Did you set goals for 2018? What are some of the things that made your list?