Right now, I can’t even begin to imagine adjusting to life with three kids. This is exactly why I’m excited to have Jessica from Family, Fun, and Flaws guest posting today. She’s sharing some insight on how to adjust to new additions in the family. I have to say – I’m loving the tips she gives in this post and I hope you do too!

Adjusting to Life with Three Kids

“You have to adjust to what your team needs and what you’re able to do.” – Tim Duncan

For this purpose, I envision team being your family. When thinking of the words in that way, you gain a great new perspective. As the main caregiver in the home due to the long hours and wild schedule my husband works, my capabilities prove limited.

Though I would love to claim I can do everything every day, that just isn’t reasonable or feasible. And, having just added our last family member April 12, I also need to remember there is a recovery time, too. But the schedule doesn’t stop now that there are two older siblings, so you adjust to make the best of it all.

My Adjustment Suggestions

I found adding a second child was harder to adjust to than introducing a third. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that you’re used to having a bit of chaos happening and running around. On that note, take these tips and use them at your discretion:

1.Sit and relax. Whether you bottle or breastfeed, take that time for the bonding and a moment to breathe. Even if you’re sitting in the car on an errand or at an activity, just enjoy the feeding. It’s a nice break.

2.Work in bursts. You have to divide your attention. For me, I’ve got one who just likes talking about his day or telling me about his book or video game, then one who wants to play cooking or dolls while potty training and needing help, and a baby who needs to eat and get a bum change numerous times a day (plus talked to and given attention to as well). I use every fifteen to thirty minute window to get work done (client or house work).

3.Swallow your pride. I had a friend somewhat jokingly say they would come weekly for baby cuddles and I have kept her to it. That little window, be it an hour or most of the day, allows me to tackle a LOT without juggling the two smaller kiddos. And the conversation keeps me sane, too. So, I ask weekly when she can come. Ain’t no shame in needing that support.

These may seem mundane or not super important, but trust me they make a world of difference. And, remember, a bit of a mess is okay. I go through and clean when we have great days of baby sleeping and the other two behaving or helping. But, sometimes it piles a bit and I feel like I’m behind. Those days are okay and just mean your kiddos and hustling to and fro take precedence.

Above all, breathe and soak up your littles. Sometimes that’s exactly what you’re able to do.

About Jessica

I am a thirty-something mom. With two degrees under my belt and a virtual assistant business, I find mommy-hood to be the most challenging yet rewarding part of my life. Mistakes will be made, failures will happen, but why not accept those flaws, do your best, love with all you have, and have as much fun as you can along the way? Follow alongside my family and me at Family, Fun, and Flaws.