I like to think of goals as a reason to go out and attack life. Sometimes, we need our buddies to join us and cheer us on as we reach for the big dreams. That’s why I’ve created a new casual accountability group. There is no hidden agenda and I’m not trying to sell you anything. It’s simply a group for building friendships and reaching goals.

This post isn’t about that accountability group though. I simply wanted to make sure I mentioned it in case you hadn’t seen my Instagram post about it. No, this post is all about setting attainable goals to create momentum that will carry us into 2020. This post is all about my own personal challenge that I’ve decided to call 20 Before 2020.

Basically, I’m setting 20 attainable goals that I can achieve before the new year. The goal is to create momentum by reaching these (somewhat) easy goals. This momentum should help carry me into a stellar new year.

So, what are these goals I’m setting? I’ve listed them below. Remember, my main objective was making these super attainable. I’m trying to build momentum for this marathon journey we’re on called life.If you really analyze the list, you’ll realize it’s a cross between a goals list and a bucket list.

  1. Visit a new city.
  2. Explore a new place or event.
  3. Explore a new place or event.
  4. Try a new breakfast recipe.
  5. Try a new lunch recipe.
  6. Try a new dinner recipe.
  7. Try a new dinner recipe.
  8. Try a new dessert recipe.
  9. Host a play date.
  10. Host a play date.
  11. Organize the breezeway.
  12. Organize the basement.
  13. Move Baby Owl into the nursery with his big brother.
  14. Host our first family Thanksgiving.
  15. Drive around and look at Christmas lights.
  16. Celebrate one year of life with Baby Owl.
  17. Host a Christmas cookie day.
  18. Take the boys on a fun outing by myself.
  19. Weak make up and straighten my hair.
  20. Launch big secret project.

There you have it! Twenty things that I’m going to take on before 2020 arrives. Most of them are small, but that’s kind of the point. I want to use this list to build momentum. That momentum is what’s going to take me to great heights in the future.

What about you? What do you hope to accomplish before the end of the year?

Setting goals for the end of the year