Self respect has been one of my biggest struggles as a stay at home mom. There are days when I just don’t feel like I’m giving enough of myself to the world. There are days where raising two small kids just doesn’t feel like enough.

Staying home was a personal decision. It was also one I never saw for my future. I always pictured myself as the working mom, teaching my own class full of kids. The possibility of staying home never really crossed my mind. This isn’t to undermine the work of a stay at home mom. It’s simply to say that it’s not what I pictured. I also didn’t picture a military lifestyle and two little boys. Life has a way of surprising us like that.

That being said, I wanted to share a few affirmations that remind me that I am strong and capable. These affirmations also remind me that respecting myself and my role as a stay at home mom is important. Below, you’ll find fifteen affirmations that you can use in your life as well. (Some of these go beyond motherhood!)

15 Affirmations for Mom

I am strong.

I am doing an amazing job.

I am the mother that my kids need.

Each day is a new opportunity.

Taking care of me helps me take care of others.

I am more than enough.

I can change my ways.

One bad moment doesn’t have to shape the rest.

Every moment matters.

I make a difference in the lives around me.

Every day is a learning opportunity.

My kids need me.

I will do what makes me happy.

My opinion matters.

I know what’s right for my life.

Do you have any affirmations that help you? Favorite quotes or sayings? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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This list of affirmations will help remind me that being a mom is hard and you're doing amazing.