With two small toddlers in the house and family miles away, date nights rarely happen for us. We’re lucky enough to have a couple of hours in the evening after the kids go to bed. We don’t always use it in the best way though. So, this year, we decided to change that with more intentional planning for our evenings. We’ve been trying to spend a little less time staring at our phones and more time doing something together. It’s way too easy to get wrapped up in our phones and forget about each other.

One of the things we’ve been doing is a monthly date night. January didn’t happen as planned but that doesn’t mean we’re giving up. In fact, I need to start planning our February one. I try to keep them budget-friendly, fun, and simple. No one needs extra stress for a date night – that’s why I’ve included a list of possible date night ideas so that you can create your very own dates at home!

Date Night Ideas

Board Game Night: Pull out the board games and play together! One of our favorites is Scrabble. This date is so easy that you can do it last minute at any time. The only cost is a game and snacks, which you might already have in the house!

Beer Tasting: Many grocery stores offer a build your own six pack. This is the perfect way to create a beer tasting night. Simply head to pick out six new (to you) beers and create your own tasting experience at home. The build your own six pack costs under $10 so this is another budget friendly option!

Something New: Pick something new to try together. It could be a craft, learning a new dance, or even making a new recipe together. YouTube and Pinterest are packed with ideas and tutorials that you can use to make this date night special.

Trivia Night: Challenge each other to a trivia night. You can both answer the same set of questions before the date. Then, on the night of your date, you can see who gets more answers right about the other one. You can also look up trivia games to play as an alternative.

Video Game Night: This one is similar to the board game night. If you have a video game system, you can pull it out and play a game together. This can be a real treat if your spouse is a big gamer and you’re not. It’s a great chance to show them that you care about their interests. We like to play team player games on the Wii from time to time.

Paint Night: Have you seen those sip and paint parties in your town? Why not create your own party at home? All you need are a couple of canvases and paint supplies to get started. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can freehand something. Otherwise, I suggest looking up a tutorial to help you out for the night.

Movie Night: This is one of the simplest date nights that you can do at home. Simply pop a movie in and snuggle up together! We make this one more special by keeping our phones turned off so that we can focus on the present.

Dinner Date: We normally eat dinner as a family but sometimes, it’s nice to cook something special for just the adults. You can make this date even more fun by cooking dinner together.

Dessert Night: I mentioned that we often eat dinner as a family. This is a tradition that we value so an alternative to the dinner date idea is to have a dessert night. Make a dessert (or two) together as a couple and then enjoy it over some good conversation.

Stargazing: This one requires a nice night out. Simply take a blanket out and enjoy a quiet moment of looking at the stars. An alternative to this date night is simply enjoying the outdoors with a chat on the porch.

Scavenger Hunt: This one takes a bit more prep and creativity. Set up a fun scavenger hunt for your husband ending with you and a fun activity.

Bucket List Date: We did this date for New Year’s this year. We sat down and talked about what we want for our future and made a list together. I’m often setting goals by myself but we rarely set them together. This was a good chance to envision our future together.

Project Date: This one may not sound fun but with the right conversation and music, it could be enjoyable. Set aside time to work on a house project together. It’s the perfect opportunity to get something accomplished while you spend time together.

Puzzle Night: This date will actually take you several nights unless you’re working on a smaller puzzle. Pick up a puzzle from the store (you can get them as cheap as a dollar) and then spend the evening working on it together.

Themed Nights: You can make almost any theme into a date night. Simply pick a theme and then search Pinterest for ideas! A few decorations or special activities is all it takes to make an ordinary night into a date night.

Do you have a regular date night? Have you ever tried dating at home? I’d love to hear about your experiences and ideas in the comments below!

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