When Nora Spaulding and I first planned to do Blogmas this year, I thought I would have all this time and motivation to get posts written early and scheduled for the blog. Turns out pregnancy and sickness can deter your plans quite a bit. In fact, I’m feeling extremely behind at the moment but I’m trying to focus on the fact that I committed myself to too many things for this holiday season. Third pregnancies can be exhausting – especially when you find out you’re measuring ahead and Baby could come at any time.

My original due date for this third little boy was mid-January but now it’s looking like it could be early January, which means December is split between baby prep and Christmas stuff. An already busy month just got busier. For those that are newer to the blog, both of my other boys came before their due date so with measurements being ahead, I’m definitely not ruling out the possibility.

Today’s theme for Blogmas is lists. I debated what sort of list to do but since my brain is wrapped up in baby prep, I decided to follow that direction and give you a list of postpartum goodies to have on hand for a new mama.

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Top Ten Essentials for Postpartum


I know this first part of the list might not sound glamorous but they are things you’ll need as your body heals from birth. Many of these items, you’ll be given in the hospital, but some of them you’ll want to pick your own products as well. Pads is one of those items that Mama will probably have a personal preference.

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel can be extremely cooling and healing after birth. In the past, I have used Tucks pads for witch hazel. However, this year, I’m looking at these long Frida Witch Hazel Liners to use during the first few days. They seem like they might be a bit easier since they are specifically designed for lining pads.

Perineal Spray

There are a variety of sprays available for postpartum care. In the past, I have been given Dermoplast at the hospital and it has definitely had a helpful effect. This time, I’m considering also having this perineal spray from Earth Mama on hand. I’ve used it for other feminine issues and liked it in the past.

After Ease

This is a new one that I hadn’t seen recommended until this pregnancy. In the past, I have relied on the medicine supplied by my doctor to help with postpartum pain. (Those contractions as the uterus shrinks seem to get worse each pregnancy!) This time, I saw someone mention this After Ease supplement from Wishgarden and I’m very curious to see how it works. I recently placed an order with Earthley and discovered that they have a version as well so I definitely added Ease the Ache to my cart. Their belly butter has been amazing for this pregnancy.

Peri Bottle

With my previous pregnancies, I used the peri bottles provided by the hospital. This time, I ordered a peri bottle for earlier in pregnancy. (We won’t go into those details.) I didn’t end up using it so I’ll be saving this fancy one for postpartum use.

Lip Balm

All of my babies have been winter babies so I’m not sure if this is just a winter thing or if it’s a postpartum thing. I end up using (and losing) a lot of lip balm during the fourth trimester. I currently have this set from Earth Mama on my list of things to purchase for postpartum but any favorite lip balm will do!

Fuzzy Socks

I am obsessed with warm fuzzy socks for around the house. They keep my feet cozy and comfy during the winter months. Slippers are another great way to go when it comes to the feet. Throw in some amazing lotion and you’ve got a perfect opportunity for Mama to feel a little pampered.

Water Bottle

I am definitely more thirsty following birth and while I’m nursing a little one. To help me stay hydrated, I like to keep water bottles in the areas of the house that I spend the most time. I already have a few water bottles but I have added a new one to my list just to ensure that I’m prepared.


Food was definitely one of the best gifts I received postpartum with my second. When there are others in the house to feed as well, food can take a huge burden off of mama. I highly recommend including some paper products with the meal so that no one is committed to dishes for the night.

Self Care

This gift will vary from mama to mama but it is an important one. It’s always great to include something little that she can use to take care of herself. Moms get so wrapped up in caring for baby that they don’t always consider their own needs. For me, self care after baby was taking a warm shower alone while someone else watched the baby. A nice face mask or body wash can go quite a way in helping mom feel more like herself.


If all else fails, offer your help to the new mama in your life. Sometimes just holding the baby for 30 minutes or doing the dishes can give her a much needed break. If you don’t live near her but still want to send goodies or a care package, there is nothing wrong with asking what SHE needs. Remember to emphasize her needs when asking because most new moms are going to give you a list of baby things. While those are helpful, they aren’t things that will help HER relax and blossom. 

P.S. Gift cards always work in a pinch as well!

What will you be gifting the soon to be or new mama in your life?