I found this quote on pinterest the other day and it seems perfect for my life right now.

“All great changes are preceded by chaos.” – Deepak Chopra
My life is so full of chaos (and change) right now that I can only hope it is a sign of great changes to come. The current chaos surrounding me looks like this:

Those are literally my surroundings. I’m sitting on the couch in the living room as I type this. My surroundings still look that chaotic as well. I worked all day long on getting furniture into the new apartment and on putting stuff away. I could not have done any of it without the great help of family and friends. I really appreciate all of their help.

After a day of working, I needed a break. So, I turned to the computer and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I love that I found it on Netflix. It makes a great show to put on in the background – I’ve seen all the episodes so I don’t have to focus on them. After updating my status, uploading pictures, checking in with friends, and emailing my boyfriend, I felt a blog post was in order.

I’m going to share a few more pictures of my chaos with the cyber world before I head to my bed.  Keep in mind that these are “in process” shots and my place will eventually be neat and organized the way I love it.

The bedroom is the closest room to being finished. Don’t ask me how that happened, it just did!

This is the room that will take the longest to organize:

Think I can make that look pretty?  I bet I can! And as I do, I’ll share some of my organizing secrets for making the most of your space. I’m learning quickly how important good storage can be!

And my furbaby is trying her best to adjust. She doesn’t seem to be enjoying Buffy as much as I am.