I’ve done several linky parties over at my teaching blog, Moments to Teach, but I had yet to find one that I liked for this blog. I think I may have found one today. It’s called Monday Funday and it’s hosted by 6 bloggers who collaborate for it. It focuses on crafts you’ve made. Seeing how I have a craft I’d like to share, I thought this would be a great start!

The project I want to share with you comes from a day of crafts spent with one of my besties on Wednesday. K and I work together and we’ve been spending every Wednesday of our summer doing something or another. It wasn’t intended to be a weekly thing, but somehow it seems to have turned into one!

On our craft day, we set out to make several things we found on Pinterest. The one that was the most successful from the day was this one:

We found wooden letters (well, hers was foam) at Wal-Mart and then used shells to decorate them. In the end, we ended up with some pretty cool looking shell monograms. It was super simple – wooden letter, seashells, and hot glue.

What have you created lately?