Thursdays I have dedicated to things thrifty or crafty. Most of the time, those go hand in hand for me. I love giving gifts, but I hate spending tons of money on them. This is where crafting comes in. I have found that you can give people a pretty awesome gift without spending a lot of money. And if it’s made by you, then it has more meaning to it in my opinion!

Today’s thrifty share is an item that I have used for gifts twice this year. The first time was for the teacher’s on my grade level. I made each of them one to help them keep track of lists over the course of the school year. I loved them so much that I even made myself one and put it to great use this year. At the end of the year, I made gifts for the office staff and administration. This time, I made some of them in a 5 x 7 frame and found that they were just as cute as the bigger frames.

I’m going to call this particular item “Framed Notes” because that best suits it. I originally found similar items on Pinterest and went from there to create my own. They are very basic in materials – a picture frame (any color, any size) and a piece of notebook paper. You open the frame and place the notebook paper where you would ordinarily place a picture. You may need to place a plain white sheet behind it to block out anything that might show through the notebook paper. You can decorate the frame with ribbon or embellishments if you’d like. Attach a marker and you’re done! (I found the second time that the markers with an eraser on the end work really well because it provides and eraser as well.)
If you need a quick, simple, and cheap gift, I highly recommend these. All of the needed items can be found at the Dollar Store, which makes this projects a little over a dollar to create. It definitely qualifies for thrifty and crafty!