I’ve always been a writer. I can’t tell you when my love of writing started. I know I’ve found poems and stories from elementary and middle school scattered all over the place. My high school and college works are found even more frequently. But to pinpoint the day that I became a writer? I can’t do that. Can anyone really?

I’ve always loved words. I love the way they sound – the way they can be mixed and matched to create different meanings. I find solace in quotes (as you’ll notice if you follow me on Pinterest) and entertainment in stories. I almost always enjoy the book more than the movie. Words have always held more meaning to me.

This love of words is what brought me to the world of blogging. I have been here before – this is not my first attempt at blogging. However, when I was here before, I didn’t have the time (or often the energy) to blog much and it slowly fell apart. I was working full time, going to grad school full time, and trying to balance the rest of my life. Blogging just didn’t fit in.

I still work a busy, full time job. I’m a teacher – I can easily become a workaholic if I give myself the chance. Lucky you, I’ve created a separate blog for all things teacher-related over at Moments to Teach. I graduated grad school about a year ago though, which freed up a lot of time.

To top this all off, my boyfriend just moved all the way across the country and we’re testing the waters of a long distance relationship. I find I have a lot more free time to explore new hobbies now. This is where the idea of blogging popped back up. I’m excited to get back to it and to eventually get back to my writing. My goals are lofty, but I aim to meet them to the best that I can.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”
– C. S. Lewis