Yesterday I told you about the apartment-warming party I had with a bunch of friends. I was so delighted that almost everyone on my guest list showed up! I have a great group of people that love me here. Below are a few of the items I served for the evening.

I love veggies! These were served with a ranch dip made from greek yogurt and a package of ranch seasoning. It is one of my favorite dips to have with veggies. And the added bonus? It’s a relatively healthy dip!

Brownies! Have I told you I love to bake? My biggest problem is usually finding someone to bake for. A party offered the perfect opportunity! These are just the good old “from the box” variety, but I do love making brownies from scratch as well.

This is one of my favorite items for a party! Take crescent rolls (from the can), put a few pepperonis and a string cheese (or normal cheese) inside them as you roll them. Bake them normally and you have a tasty pepperoni treat. There were plenty more items to eat last night, but I forgot to take pictures!

I made a new friend last night! His name is Shadow. He thinks he’s a lap dog. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that he’s too big to be a lap dog. 🙂

Well, I covered the “food” and “fun” portion of my title. Now onto the painting portion. Have you ever been to one of those painting classes that are becoming popular all over the place? I’ve been before and loved it so much that I planned time with Bestie K to go again! Below are our finished paintings. I love how they never turn out the same!

Which one do you think is mine? Green umbrella or pink?  Make your guess here or on Facebook and I’ll reveal the answer tomorrow!!

Once again, it’s late and this girl is ready to climb into bed with Catching Fire and the dogs before calling it a night.