This may not seem like a big deal to most, but I actually sat down and wrote something creative today that I was happy with. It’s been a long time since I’ve done that. It felt really good to put words on the paper (words that were creative) and enjoy the outcome. My novel officially has a start. I’m no longer just talking about writing, I’m actually writing!

Here is a snippet from The First Chapter:

It takes me about five minutes to navigate the halls and I arrive in my seat right before the bell rings. Mrs. Dubrey frowns as the last student creeps in through the doorway and then she instructs us to get our cells out. Today’s review of material will take place through secret answers supplied via texting. Mrs.Dubrey reviews the way that this works and we all groan because we’ve been submitting answers this way for years now. She will ask a review question and we will all be expected to submit our answer to her via texting. The first correct answer will earn bonus points towards tomorrow’s test. The other answers will be kept and used as a class work score.

This is all a part of the saving paper and our planet movement that came into existence years before I was born. Many thought it would be a fad – those were the people who didn’t realize the necessity of it. Apparently there used to be a time when paper wasn’t so rare of a commodity. Today, you’d pay a fortune to own a single sheet of paper. Screens are a much more efficient method of communicating one’s thoughts. Parents question this, but as a student, I’m used to using the screen to communicate my thoughts. Tomorrow’s test will take place on a screen as well.

Please remember that these are my words and should not be reproduced anywhere without my permission. That being said, I am officially asking for beta readers. If you are interested in being one of the first people to read and see what happens in this book, then please email me at  This book will be a young adult fantasy book. The only thing I’ll ask of you is that you provide your thoughts and feedback on the story. This will help better it. 🙂  If you sign up to be a beta reader, you can expect weekly access to the updated story through Google drive.

I am happy and headed to bed now with my two furry companions:

Yep, Ella had an impromptu sleepover tonight as I brought my parents’ dog over to visit. She is after all my other furbaby. I’m not sure where I’m going to sleep, but that’s okay – I’m sure I’ll find a way to squeeze in there.