It has been a relatively uneventful day. It started off with a little shopping trip…

Okay, maybe it was a big shopping trip down the school supply aisle at Walmart and then all over Dollar Tree. (I’ll share what I bought later this week at Moments to Teach.) There’s still more I want to get for the classroom too. I’m determined to make my room super cute this year! (It’s normally cute, but I’m aiming for super cute this year!)  I’ll slowly be revealing some of my classroom projects as I make them.

Then it was back home for a day of relaxing with my two favorite furbabies. Unfortunately, a hurting foot has kept me from doing too much today. I’m hoping this day of rest will be what it takes to make it better. Speaking of nursing my foot, I’ll be climbing into bed soon to allow it rest even more!

And the painting that belongs to me?

If you guessed green umbrella, then you were right!!  Enjoy your Monday and I hope everyone’s week starts well.