So, I spent the weekend with Mom and Sister shopping in Charlotte. We headed up there for IKEA and Concord Mills. Overall, it was a good trip with great shopping outcomes. It wasn’t until we started looking in the clothing stores that I realized how long it’d been since I’d shopped for clothes. It was LONG overdue. I say overdue because I had to get rid of a lot of my work clothes this summer in the move – they were either worn out or too big. Therefore, I needed clothes for work. I found some this weekend. I’m happy to say that my work wardrobe is on it’s way to being ten times cuter this year!

Here are a few shots of what I bought:

Apparently I have a new love of stripes. I used to loathe stripes – especially horizontal stripes. However, I found myself gravitating towards the stripes today. I’m not sure what brought about this change. I ended up with 7 different tops and 5 of them have stripes!

I found two skirts and a dress that I really liked. The striped skirt was quite a happy find for me. It’s a long maxi skirt that was actually perfect length for me! When you’re only five feet tall, you have a hard time finding long skirts and pants that fit in length.


 I found two pairs of pants that fit in length (black and khaki)! I was a very happy girl, especially since the price tags were under $20. I also found a pair of capris that will be nice in the early school year when it’s still hot.

Clothes weren’t the only things I bought on this trip though. I also found several things for around the house or in my classroom. The classroom ones will be featured over at Moments to Teach, but the décor items definitely belong here!

These lovely pillows were a splurge on the trip. They were not among the items I was looking for in IKEA, but they certainly caught my eye. I don’t normally spend money on decorative pillows, but these seemed too perfect to pass up! My living room (which you’ll get to see later this week!) is decorated with a nautical theme right now. These map pillows will add a very fun touch. I can’t wait to see them on my couch with the rest of the décor.

Here are a few more of my IKEA finds. The curtains were one of the items I was looking for. They will be going in my bedroom, along with the light blue tray. The cork circles are for a craft. I had been trying to find some like them the other day. My bedroom is slowly getting a new theme, which makes me happy. It was slightly overdue for an update.

I am having some formatting problems, so I will save some of the other pictures for upcoming posts. I will close with one last picture of the item I brought back for my furbaby. I tried to get a shot of her with it but all she wants to do is give me kisses instead! I guess she missed her mommy.
Hope you had a happy weekend!