I don’t even know where to start tonight. I spent the day out shopping with mom (got more clothes for my work wardrobe!) and then I came home and worked on school stuff most of the evening. I love creating things on the computer. I’ve also made it to the final season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

It’s been a busy, yet unexciting day for the most part. I got a lot of goodies while I was out. Most of them were for my classroom though so I’ll be sharing them over on Moments to Teach soon.

Since I don’t have a clear topic for today’s post, I’m going to share a (very quick) craft that you can do to make hosting parties and keeping track of drinks super easy!

I have always had a love of glasses, especially wine glasses. I collected them long before I was legal and would drink juice and everything else out of them. I just found them really fun. Since I love them so much, I ended up with a small collection of them easily. One of my sets was a 12 piece set of matching glasses. After a suggestion from bestie K, I decided to paint them. Consider it a new take on drink charms! I don’t have to attach anything to the glass and yet my guests can still keep track of which is their glass!

How did I do it? Very simple!

I painted each stem a different color using acrylic paint. I picked it up for $1 at Dollar Tree. After painting the stem, I put them in a cool over and set it for 350 degrees. Once it was preheated, I let them sit for 30 minutes in the heated over before turning it off. I gave them time to fully cool before I took them out. Then, they were ready for drinking!

I have ran several of these through the dishwasher (top rack) at different times and so far they have held up. I love the way they have a personal touch now. It makes them much less boring and doubles as a keeping track tool at parties.

What have you added a personal touch to lately?