It’s definitely been a busy day today. I’ve spent a good portion of it working on the various rooms around my apartment. Décor is coming together and things are getting organized. It feels good to be getting my surroundings under control. I’ve had quite the little helper today too:

She has followed me around and growled at every weird sound she sees. We’ve had some good laughs as I scare her or she scares me. I’m pretty sure she was poised to attack me when I came out of the shower earlier. You really can’t ask for a better helper than Miss Ella. I’m grateful I have her.

In other news, my day started with two people nominating my teaching blog for an award! Go check it out here:

I spent so much time writing that post today and writing 3000 words on my novel that I’m afraid this is going to be a short post. I have been taking those before pictures though! Look for that post on Friday. 🙂