Time to unveil the Halloween decorations that are now scattered about my apartment!

I love decorating and Halloween certainly offers some fun colors!

I change out my décor several times each year. The themes I have had so far this year are Valentine’s, Color Me Green (St. Patty’s day), and nautical/beach. I have two more themes to finish out the year – Halloween and Christmas. I manage to keep my decorations stored away in my one bedroom apartment and I’ll share more on how I do that in a future organization post. (I already took the pictures for that post!)

Let’s see what is lurking in my apartment for Halloween this year.

 This is my coffee table centerpiece. I just had to incorporate corks into my décor!
 My coffee table is an old train table that my dad spruced up for me. I came up with an idea for a change and my dad made it happen. I love that I can lift the lid and change things out each time I decorate!
 These were originally spider rings that I cut the “ring” part off of. They are where the colors for my decorating came from. Things are themed in purple, green, and orange. The clear fellow is from the Dollar Tree and he glows in the dark! 
 My mummy (or ghost) jars! I created these last year from a vase, crepe paper, and googly eyes after seeing something similar on Pinterest. They look so cool with a candle burning in them!
My wine rack is all decked out for the occasion.
Some people collect stamps or cards. I collect bottles. This old Ghost Pines bottle seemed like the perfect fit for my Halloween décor. (It’s also a good choice for a red wine in case you’re wondering.)
My small table is decked out with a sparkly spider web in the middle. I need to buy new pillar candles for my candle sticks because J (my boyfriend) decided to burn my color changing candles all the way down last Halloween. I love the way the wax looks on the candlesticks, so I left it alone for now.
This was a tree centerpiece that I purchased from Dollar Tree last year. I loved the way it looked, so I put it out again this year.
 My end table features ghost candle holders, my Target coasters, and Night’s Final Hour, the book I wrote with my sister Crystal. It’s about a ghost, so it fits in perfectly!
Normally, I don’t use party decorations when I decorate my apartment. They typically look tacky. I did find this BOO banner in my Halloween stuff and couldn’t resist adding it above the TV. Since it’s the only party decoration, I don’t feel that it looks too tacky.
Do you do anything special for Halloween? Do you decorate for Halloween or fall? If you do, I’d love to see pictures of what you’ve come up with!