Before I moved to this apartment, I had a three bedroom apartment complete with guest room and office. While I don’t miss the extra bedrooms, I do miss the extra storage space that came from those closets. It was great for storing all of my entertaining and decorating stuff. When I decided to downsize, I realized I’d have a lot of organizing to do in the process.

One of the things I organized was my holiday stuff. I found two three-drawer crates to store everything in.

Each holiday gets its own drawer. (Well, Christmas gets three drawers – it is my favorite holiday after all.)
When it comes time to decorate for something new, I go to my closet and pull out the next holiday. I collect everything that’s out for the current theme and switch the two out.
The futon in my living room is a great space to spread everything out on. When I have finished switching stuff out, I pack the old theme into the drawer to store away.
Then, it’s back into the back of my closet…
I slide the luggage in place and the decorations get a break until the next time they’re needed.
This really turned out to be a great solution to storing my holiday stuff! I was really impressed with how nicely it all stored away.