I spent the long weekend in NC visiting my bestie N. I was sick with a basic cold for most of it. Being a teacher, this is nothing new to me and I know how to work my way through a cold. While I got plenty of rest while we chatted, watched movies, and played Mario Party, I also found the energy to go to the outlet stores with N and her mom. While we were there, I got the best bargain I’ve found in a long time. Let’s put it this way, when I told the BF that I’d just bought 3 pairs of shoes and two purses, he asked how much that set me back. When I said about $60, he asked if I’d been shopping at Goodwill.

This was no goodwill shopping trip…

I rarely ever find shoes my size in the clearance section. Imagine my delight when I found a cute pair in three different colors! At $12.99 a pair, I decided to buy all three. They were originally $99. I had been looking for a new purse for a while now – I just couldn’t find any I liked. I managed to find two at the Bass store for $10 each. The yellow purse was marked $60 originally and the blue purse was marked $70. The blue purse will also double nicely as a tote for upcoming travels.

Here’s a picture in case you need proof!  (Yes, I was the girl in the store taking a picture of a shoe display!)

So, let’s do the math. All of this cost me $58.97 (before tax). If I had bought everything at tag price, it would’ve been $427. That’s a $368 savings!!  Go me!

This weekend was well spent and so was my money.