This is your next interview for the week from YALL fest!

This interview’s with Lisi Harrison.

What one thing do you need to have when you write?
A scented candle. Each book has it’s own scent.

Describe your book in 5 words
Popular freshmen’s secret journals revealed

What is the hardest line to write- the first or the last?
First. 100%

Best writing tip you ever received?
Stop writing in the middle of a chapter instead of the end. It will be easier to start up again the next day.

What one young adult novel do you wish you had when you were a teen? Why?

Tell us 5 random facts about yourself.
1. I can’t run.
2. I have a tattoo with a type-o. It’s supposed to say, “creativity” but it says, “dry.”
3. In college I thought it would be cool to get a tattoo written in Chinese characters.
4. I was supposed to be on one of the planes that crashed into the World Trade Center. I changed my reservation at the last minute. Now every time I look at a clock it says 9:11.
5. I can’t stand being asked about my “favorites.” I don’t have favorites. If I did I’d forget what they are the minute you asked and would remember them the minute you leave. It’s maddening.
6. I prefer to give 6 random facts.

Where’s your favorite place to write?
My office.

What are you working on now?
Pretenders #2: License To Spill.


What is your favorite genre to write in? To Read?
What did I just tell you about “favorites?”

At what point in the development of an idea do you know that it will become a full-length novel?
When I can describe it in one sentence. And do it without cringing.