Here is a guest post from Rachael at Pretty in Pink!  So happy to have her as a guest! I love reading her blog.

Hi Stolen Moments readers!  My name is Rachael and I blog over at Pretty in Pink!  I’m taking over for Pam while she is on vacation.  We have become pretty good blog friends and I love catching up on her life!

I’m a college senior studying to be a teacher.  This semester has been crazy, fun and STRESSFUL.  Today I want to blog about 5 easy ways to handle stress!

1. Painting nails
This is one of my favorite stress relievers.  In true blogger fashion, I just love everything Essie.  It’s the best. Current favorite: Carry On!

2. Write (or blog)
My blog to me is my favorite form of stress relief.  It is where I can relax and just let words flow from my crazy town brain to myself.  A journal is always a good option, too!
3. Phone a friend
 Friends are wonderful, am I right?  Calling up an old friend always makes me feel one million times better.  
4. To-Do lists
I’m a crazy list maker!  No matter how overwhelmed I am feeling lists make me feel so much better about my life.
5. Allow yourself to feel overwhelmed
You know what?  Life is stressful!  Sometimes it’s okay to feel stressed.  I officially give you permission!

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