I will never understand why I think I can do everything and be everywhere. I’m constantly overbooking myself and volunteering for an absurd amount of things. Every time I try to “slow down,” a new opportunity pops up and I jump right in. This past month has been insane – almost every weekday and weekend was booked with one obligation or another – meetings, trips, parties, etc. I’m hoping November will be slower, but I’m not counting on it.

As much as I need a “me” moment every now and then, I also thrive on being busy. I have no fear of looking back one day and wondering “what if?”  If I want to try something, I try it – sometimes to the point of pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

I’m not entirely sure where this post came from, but it arose somewhere in the midst of making a dirt cake that I volunteered to do. Halfway through this project, I started thinking “I’ve never made this before – why did I volunteer to bring it? Why didn’t I go with something I know how to make?” I was fully preparing for a mini-disaster.

Instead, I got this:


Certainly not bad for a first attempt at making a graveyard dirt cake! I hope the teachers like it tomorrow at our faculty meeting.