I’ve been so busy sharing interviews and word counts that I’ve completely forgotten to share ANYTHING about what I’m writing this month. I obviously will not give you the whole story, but I will tell you a little bit about my NaNoWriMo project.

This particular project is titled Forged for now and is the background story behind a much bigger project I have in mind. This other project is about two sisters who are separated between worlds and eventually find each other. It’ll definitely fall into the category of Young Adult Fantasy, which is my favorite genre to write. I tried working on the actual novel this summer during Camp NaNoWriMo. I got 10,000 words into the novel and discovered I needed to know more about the backstory before I fully committed to it.

My goal was to work on the backstory before November and write the novel during November. However, work and life got in the way and I found myself without a backstory come October. That is when I decided I would write the backstory during NaNoWriMo.  This may sound cheating but it’s really not – my backstory is written in novel format and could very easily be a prequel someday as the boyfriend reminded me today.

Want a small sneak at the backstory?

Adera had always wondered what Gentry actually looked like. The girls in the village who had seen him had always described him as handsome and better looking than other boys. Adera had been expecting some stunning person to descend the stairs. From what she was seeing, there was nothing special about his looks. His hair was a plain brown, his eyes  only thing special about him at this exact moment was the fancy clothes he was decked out in for the occasion.  Adera’s curiosity was fulfilled and she was not impressed with him. He did not match up to the gallant stories she had heard in the village square. One simply could not rely on the gossip of girls for information.

I’m off to write or clean or something. How are you spending your November?