I’m always up for a good party (as I’m sure you’ve noticed). This is one of the reasons I joined up with Thirty One recently. Make money while I party? It sounded perfect! (I’ll let you know later if it is!)

The first step for my business was a launch party. For my launch party, I hosted it myself at my house. It was a small group that showed, but I do have others interested in ordering that couldn’t make the party.  Among the guests were two girls I went to high school with. It was a great opportunity to catch up with people I hadn’t seen in years!

I kept things simple, using pink, black, and white as my theme. My apartment is currently decorated for Valentine’s Day so all of the pink fit in perfectly! I won’t waste your time with lengthy explanations. Instead, I took pictures so you can see some of the fun from the party!

To this day, funfetti cupcakes are still my favorite!

I put everything on a lap board so people would have easy access and a hard surface to write on!
I went to Dollar Tree looking for clipboards and instead walked away with these. (They were out of clipboards!)  These are Minnie Mouse wipe-off boards with a shopping theme. Mostly fitting!

Here was my display of items. This was after the party, so some of the items had already been moved around as I shared them and as people looked at them. I have more stuff than I realized.

 I put the January and February specials in frames so that people could look at them. I was hoping to display these, but didn’t realize the frames have no backs to help them stand on their own! I guess I’ll need to find a solution for that.

I created a bingo game for us to play. Guests marked the items as I talked about them. When they got bingo, they got a small prize (m&ms).  Everyone seemed to enjoy this! (Not sure why Blogger insists on turning this!)

I created my own business cards to hand out. (Again, not sure why blogger insists on turning this one either.)

This is an information card I created. I’m going to keep them all in a 3×5 card holder for easy access.

On the back of the information card is a wishlist. This helped people keep track of what they wanted. I’m also going to use this as a reference point for specials in the future. If one of their items comes up under a special, I’ll let them know!

This was a display with the February special and information on becoming a consultant. It was a good way to use my enrollment kit box!

Food! Every party has to have good food. My recipes were basic this time. I did try a pizza roll recipe that I wasn’t impressed with (I’ll stick with my pizza crescents – I need to share that recipe some time!). I also made two classic dips that I love. The first is a French Onion dip using French onion soup mix and sour cream. The other is a Ranch dip using greek yogurt and a packet of ranch seasoning.

Party favors! I painted these glasses Friday night using a circle sponge and pink acrylic paint. Then, I put them into a cool oven. I set it to 350 degrees. Once it preheated (glasses in the oven), I set the timer for 30 minutes. At the end of the thirty minutes, I turned off the oven and left the glasses to cool.

This is an up close shot of the glasses. The card inside says “In case you ‘mint’ to host a party” and includes my information.


 Overall, I’d say the party was a hit. I received compliments on my apartment and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun.

Coming later this week: Valentine’s décor and an overview of the topics to come in February!!