So, as I mentioned yesterday, today was half-day dismissal for work due to an incoming winter storm.  It’s a good thing they did that. It dropped from 68 degrees yesterday afternoon to 30 degrees this afternoon. And the temperature continues to drop.  I have ice on my porch – that is a rare event!

I have tomorrow off as well as this storm is supposed to last through tomorrow. As I mentioned yesterday, this is rare weather for us. I’ll take a snow day and a half. The unexpected time gave me an excuse to get some things accomplished. Yes, you heard that right – give me time off and I decide to be productive with it.

I started the afternoon with a nap, but eventually got to work on a project I have wanted to start.  I wanted to take my closet and organize it better.

As you can see, it was a bit of disheveled mess on the top side. (The bottom has been organized several times and will be getting another reorganization soon.)  I know it’s not the worse ever, but it was driving me crazy. So, I took advantage of today and organized it some! I even managed to make room for my new Thirty One products!

I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. Everything is much more organized now and my scarves are out of their drawer and within easy reach in baskets.

How would you spend unexpected time off from work?