So, my original post for today was thrown out the window. (It was going to be a crafty one.) 

What made me throw it out the window?

Why, the weather, of course!

Today has been all sorts of excitement as the local area prepares for a winter storm. We rarely ever get winter storms! Cold, snow, ice…they are all foreign terms to us. They are things you experience somewhere else – not here!

It’s almost unbelievable that they’re predicting wintry mix and snow in the next two days since it was 68 degrees today! But, they are. Apparently we have a cold front moving in with a storm cell or some fancy weather term. Bottom line, they’re predicting snow and people are panicking. Schools will dismiss early tomorrow for the safety of the kids. (People around here are not accustomed to driving on ice. It may become a small disaster on the roads.) Plans for Wednesday are yet to be seen. I think I’ll use some of my extra time tomorrow to get ahead and map out my topics for February.

(Snowman I built with J in Arkansas)

Normally, I would be overjoyed at the thought of snow. (Don’t get me wrong, I am excited.) However, I already got to see the white stuff this winter when I went to Arkansas to spend the holidays with J and his family.  It snowed several times and we even took a midnight walk one night as it snowed (talk about magical and romantic). I bet I’d be more excited if I hadn’t already seen some snow and built a snowman.

(Building the snowman. His dog, Kora, is overseeing the production.)

In any case, I am curious to see what the rest of this week holds!

(Hanging out in the snow. This is actually the only picture I managed to snap of the two of us while we were there. Two whole weeks and I only captured us together once. Oops.)