This is the last you’ll hear of my Thirty One stuff on the main page of the blog. I’m going to be creating a tab for Thirty One tonight.  The only time you’ll hear it mentioned on the main page of the blog is if I want to share a party with you because of the décor or food. (I’ve always shared my parties -31 and non-31 – with you – I’m not going to stop that!)

I am having a fun, laid back Facebook party that I’m inviting you to attend as well. You can find it by clicking the banner below!

Like I said, this is the LAST of the posts about Thirty One. (Not that I’ve done that many.) From now on, all information about it will be posted on the “Thirty One” tab at the top of the blog.

Check back later for “The Perks of Being Single.” I’m going to look at all the wonderful perks of being single!