It’s Hump Day Confessions with Kat! I have some confessing to do, so here goes:

…I’m one of those girls who did the Valentine’s Day swap and forgot to link up. (I did not forget to send a box!)  I somehow missed the link up and then forgot about it. It probably didn’t help that I was out of town that weekend.

Here’s my pictures. I got some great gifts from Shaina.  I really enjoyed getting to know her. The swap was a lot of fun.

…I already ate all of the Reeses that were included in my V-Day box. They were super yummy. (I’m guessing chocolate doesn’t fall too well in my eat healthier plan!)

…I left my camera at school so my original post for today will have to wait. (Luckily, I remembered I have a super duper fancy camera that I was able to pull out for the V-day pictures!)

…I haven’t started my lesson planning for next week. I’m normally ready to run copies on Thursday. Those winter weather days have really thrown my schedule.

…My hands are freezing and I’m too lazy to go do something about it.

Happy Wednesday everyone!