I am sure I had a post planned for today. My fuzzy brain does not feel like focusing on anything at the moment though. The unexpected time off for weather last week is making this week so much harder to get through. Next week is Dr. Seuss week at school though, so it’ll all be okay!

Last week, I mentioned giving my blog a makeover in March. I’ve slowly been working on the layout and thought I’d give you a couple of sneak peeks. I’m learning a lot while I work on this project. (I used to be really good at coding and knew all sorts of things! Apparently if you don’t use it, you lose it. I’m trying to reteach myself all sorts of things!)


Yes, the blog is even getting a name change – one that I feel is much more fitting and original than Stolen Moments.
I can’t wait to pull all these pieces together and unveil what I’ve created! I even have a fun giveaway planned for March! It will be my first ever giveaway on this blog. 🙂
On a random side note, would anyone be interested in a first read at a book I’m working on?