So, I found this cleanse that I decided I was going to try. It’s not a juice cleanse and you don’t starve yourself. It sounded like a clean way to start out on an adventure of eating healthier. (That’s right – I am ready for that fresh start. My cabinets are nearly bare and waiting for my grocery trip!) Keep in mind that I’m not cutting out all of the foods I love to eat – I’m just working on moderation for the less-than-healthy foods.

Anyways, back to this cleanse. It’s a two-day eating healthy start for me. Everything listed in the “cleanse” is very healthy. I thought it would be a good way to start my adventure and experiment with making boring foods more exciting.

Today was the first day and for the most part, I stuck to the plan. I substituted the asparagus with carrots for two reasons – the store had pathetic looking asparagus and I already had carrots on hand. When they say this cleanse will not leave you feeling hungry, they are not joking! There were a few points in the day (umm…lunch) where I felt as though I actually had too much food. I guess it depends on what you’re used to.

Here’s some fun images from my prep and meals:

I brewed up a big pot of green tea to refrigerate. Cold tea is easier to take to work than hot tea.
I added honey and lemon to help with flavoring. The second cup of tea was much more enjoyable than my first cup. I think the taste of the first cup was unexpected because I normally buy my green tea already mixed up at the grocery store. I enjoyed the second glass greatly though.

I packed everything the night before. This helps with my morning prep. If it’s already packed, I’m much more likely to grab the healthy option.

I put everything in containers or baggies and then threw it in the fridge. In the morning, I simply took it all out and packed accordingly. (I need to go pack my salad for tomorrow!)

I took some lemon slices to add to my water. It gives just the right amount of flavor for me.


This was dinner! Cooked spinach with seasoned chicken mixed in. It was much better than I anticipated. I will be sharing the recipe later this week.
Speaking of recipes, I’ll be trying out quite a few healthy ones in the upcoming weeks. I can’t wait to blog about them! 
And for those of you that are wondering, I’ve been continuing to work out. I’ve added Wii boxing and walking into my options. Later this week, I plan to go check out the gym at my apartment complex!
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