So, I started writing a post highlighting my opinions of Valentine’s Day. Then, I highlighted it and deleted it. Instead of giving you my opinion, I’m going to leave you to your own opinion of Valentine’s Day. All I’ll say of my opinion is that there are things I love about Valentine’s Day and other things that I dislike about it. Simply put, it’s a holiday I can do with or without.

A rose from the teacher fair I went to today.

This Valentine isn’t shaping up quite like I had planned. I was supposed to be on the road to visit my bestie since the boyfriend is clear across the country. Snow and ice had other plans for us. Downed power lines and roads that haven’t been cleared prevent me from leaving until morning. This means I’m left to spend the evening alone at my apartment.

I’ve decided I’m going to make the best of it and indulge in a bubble bath before snuggling up for movie night with my furbaby. Yes, I’m spending Valentine’s Day with someone I love dearly.

My Valentine date is such a cutie!

How are you spending Valentine’s Day? Are your plans turning out the way you hoped?

Helene in Between