I took another weekend to myself. After being nonstop busy from August – January, these past two down weekends have been well appreciated.  I did get a few things accomplished this weekend though, so I’ll share those with you!
The first thing I got accomplished was the new blog layout. I’m totally in love with it. (Of course, after a new inspiration struck today, I’ve got ideas of how to update it next time…)  I enjoyed working with the coding and playing with graphics. Check out my “design” details on how to get a new layout of your own for free!
The next thing I accomplished was starting the Blogilates Beginner Workout calendar. I tried it this summer, but with a move and emotional stuff going on, I didn’t make it very far. So far, I’m two for two this week! I can definitely tell something is working – my abs were very sore today! I love feeling sore the day after a good workout.
The third thing I accomplished was arranging my first button swap! I looked around on blogs I enjoyed and found one to swap with. (I’m looking for more swapping buddies, so feel free to message me to get your button on my sidebar!)
You’ll notice that the button of Melissa at Daily Chaos now graces my sidebar. I’m excited to have her on my blog! She started blogging because she loves to write. At the time she started, she was going to a community college and was getting used to not dating…at all. It gave her something to do, even though she didn’t write posts about being single. Her blog is a mis of lists, fashion posts, lifestyles, Kate Spade, and pugs. If she could be an animal, she would be a camel because she finds them adorable! She loved them even before the hump day commercial!  Her favorite quote is “Congratulations! Today is your day! You’re off to great places! You’re off and away!” (This quote is by Dr. Seuss – how fitting since his birthday was just yesterday!) I really hope you’ll jump on over to her blog and give her some love for me!
I’m linking up today!! Hope your weekend was as relaxing and productive as mine. 🙂
The Rachael Way