I love candles. I love the way they look and smell when lit. I don’t like the waxy mess that’s left behind. It can be such a pain when you want to use a new candle in the same jar. I’m here to bring you a new way to handle that problem. With a few simple steps and your jars will be wax free and ready for the next candle!
Materials needed: water, pot, jars, aluminum foil, tongs, wash cloth, paper towel

Here is my before picture. The candles in these votive holders would no longer light and I was looking to replace them with a new color.
Now for the steps.  Bring a pot of water to a boil.
Put the jars into the boiling pot. You can do one at a time or more if you feel comfortable. (I have never had it happen, but there is the potential of glass breaking when it hits the hot water, so please be careful and definitely don’t put a cold glass into it. These were room temperature.)
After the wax has started to melt and pull away from the sides, remove the jars. I used tongs so that I wouldn’t have to touch the hot jars, but feel free to find your own safe method!
Once you have the jars out, quickly dump them onto foil. Leave the wax there. I held the jars with a washcloth after I took them out of the pot. Safety first!
Use a paper towel or napkin to wipe the glass clean. This will gather any wax residue that is left. You’ll notice I’m still holding the jar with the washcloth since it’s still hot!
Voila! Set the jar aside and start on the next one! Then, go find a new candle to put in the jar! 
Oh and clean up is also a breeze. Put all the trash on the foil…
Ball it up and throw it away!

Until next time, happy candle burning!