After a rough week full of sickness, bruises, and emotional upheaval, this weekend was a breath of fresh air in so many ways! We’re going to focus on the positives and try to forget the negatives that accompanied last week!

Positive #1

I signed a new lease for 3 months. My current lease ends in June, so 3 months will take me to September. I should be moving to California sometime after that. So, I’ve got my own roof for a few more months!

Positive #2

My sister hosted a Thirty One party to help me out and it was very successful! I’m happy for her because she had lots of friends show up and earned lots of free stuff. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun. I think I made a few new friends too!

Positive #3

I went shopping and got a few new things for my closet. I also took pictures along the way so that I can show y’all how I find the best bargains when shopping. Every shopping day deserves a close-up of a squirrel, right?  (Random side note: I was in my parents’ kitchen when Dad pointed this little guy out to me. I took the picture through the window – love the zoom on my camera!)

Positive #4

I finished decorating for spring!  Full post featuring my cheery spring décor to come this week! I’m super excited about the simplicity and cheer that my spring décor brought to my apartment. You can see my furry helper in the background.

Positive #5
During my Thirty One consultant meeting (where we were discussing hosting Facebook parties for customers), a brilliant idea came to me! Why couldn’t we have a blogger party? Just a few hours to chit chat, swap ideas, and network. That would be how the Blogger PJ Party was hatched. Join me as I throw a party just for bloggers! We’ll play games, talk, share ideas, and even do a giveaway or two!  Join the fun below and help me spread the word by using the hashtag #bloggerPJparty.  I’m really excited about this idea.

And that’s a weekly wrap up for you! Let’s hope this week is awesome! It is the last one before my spring break, which is good because this teacher needs a break!

The Rachael Way